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Opened: 10/02/2008 23:25 Last: 11/02/2008 15:38
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10/02/2008 23:25 Steven Burn [rapidswitch_com@it-mate.co.uk] (Original Report)
Premium phone scam + download scam
This site also has another scam located on your network at:

11/02/2008 14:29 Hosted Client Gera Prieto (Hosted Client)
It seems to be a mirror service with antivirus scan.

The terms & conditions seems to be clear and price is always visible.

As I don't know if this is viable in Uk I will pass it to our lawyers, and if it's not viable ask our customer to modify the service or remove it.
11/02/2008 14:39 Steven Burn (Complainant)
This is definately NOT a mirror service.

Assuming you are indeed the client, then you know full well that what your site is offering, is a scam.

You want people to download a file from either of your servers, with the victim expecting to get the program. Instead they get a notice that they must send an SMS at a cost of £6, to get a FREE program. This is illegal under UK law.

If your site's are not removed asap, I will quite happily escalate this to the authorities, in addition to having your premium numbers shut off (which I fully intend doing anyway).

I've already notified Opera and Microsoft of your site's.
11/02/2008 15:38 Returned to Client Staff Ed (RapidSwitch Abuse Team)
Please see complainant's response.

11/02/2008 16:07 Steven Burn (Complainant)
As further evidence ....


All of the above 4 site's (that I've identified thus far), are ran by these scammers, and use exactly the same premium rate short code.

In addition to the obvious legalities, what they are "selling" is also against the EULA of the software they are purporting to offer.

A video showing the installers for the two site's referenced in the original complaint, can be found at;

13/02/2008 10:57 Steven Burn (Complainant)
Can we have some movement on this?
13/02/2008 16:24 Steven Burn (Complainant)