MyServers FAQ

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  • Accounts & Billing [6]

    • What payment methods do you accept?

      We accept a majority of credit cards however we cannot take payment from an American Express.

      Bank transfers can also be made even if you are not based in the UK and if you would make things a little easier for yourself you can even set up a standing order with your bank..

    • Can you take Paypal?

      We do accept Paypal payments. If you'd like to utilise Paypal as an option, please contact our support team, who can then enable this as an option for you moving forward.

    • I don't understand your billing cycle?

      Our billing cycle brings customers to the point of having a single invoice, issued on the first of the month, for all services. As a result this can be confusing when a service is initially taken out.

      Your first invoice will be for a month in advance. For new customers, this invoice will be paid prior to the service being set up. For existing customers, the invoice will be issued with the usual 30 days' payment terms.

      Once the service has then commenced, the system will have a billing date, and will invoice an invoice for any remaining period in the next month. This effectively brings the billing up to the first of the month.

      The system will then issue a single invoice on the first of each month, for the next month's services. In the event of a cancellation, all unused service periods will be credited and, if necessary, a refund issued.

      A service is ordered on the 16th of April. The first invoice will be for a first full month. The service is then live on the 17th of April. The system will use the 17th as the start point for billing, and treat the initial invoice as being up to the 17th of May. The system will then raise an invoice for the period of May 18th - May 31st.

      On the first of May, the system will invoice for the full month of June. On the first of June, the system will invoice for the full month of July.

    • How do I add a new card to the account?

      In order to add a new card to your account you must make payment with the new card on an invoice that is unpaid in your account. Once you have completed the payment the card will be automatically stored for future payments on the account.

    • How do I remove my credit card on file?

      Simply contact us to remove your credit card and we will advise you of other payment methods and when payment needs to be received by for your next invoice.

    • How can I reclaiming an overspend on my account?

      Any amounts that are due to you following the cancellation of services can be reclaimed and be repaid to the original card used, or in the case of BACS payments, sent to your bank.

      To reclaim the amounts, please send us a ticket and we will arrange for the monies to be sent.

  • Documentation [2]

    • Can I have a copy of your....

      We are frequently asked for copies of various documents, such as:

      • PCI certification
      • Security policies
      • Disaster recovery and business continuity documents

      As a business, we are PCI compliant and have our own DR and BC documentation.

      For our customers, we can also provide a PCI compliant platform and DR and BC plans, but customers are not able to use our PCI compliance to be compliant themselves, nor does us having a DR or BC plan protect customers that do not have such plans in place.

      Our ISO accreditations cover a wide range of data and physical security issues, as well as internal working practices. Clients can leverage our ISO accreditations to provide assurance to third parties that their equipment is hosted in an ISO compliant environment, which extends to internal working practices as well as the necessary physical infrastructure being in place.

      If you require any further information or assistance with regards to documentation around matters of physical security, data security, PCI compliance or ISO accreditations then please don't hesitate to contact us.

    • ISO Certificates

      Our auditing body for ISO certification is Isoqar, as recommended by the UK Government.

      To ensure our continued compliance, third parties can verify our ISO status by contacting Isoqar.

      Their contact details can be found on:

      Our certificate number is 7235. Please use this to verify our ISO status when contacting Isoqar.

  • IP's & Networking [8]

    • Can you provide gigabit connections?

      Yes - we can provide dedicated gigabit and 10Gb connections and can provide gigabit vLANs too.

      Please be aware that whereas some hosting companies claim to be providing gigabit connections but then share them amongst users, we do not. If you are looking at gigabit connectivity we would advise checking your current burst rate to see if you're requiring in excess of 100mbit/s before upgrading.

    • Can I have IPv6?

      Yes, simply contact our teams to request IPv6 addresses.

    • How many IPs can I use with my server?

      We provide 1 IPv4 address with each dedicated server.

      More IPs are available from our shared subnet ranges for a fee, or you can have your own private range. All IP requests are subject to being approved and justified in line with RIPE usage guidelines.

    • Can I buy additional bandwidth?

      You most certainly can prearrange bandwidth if you would like to do this. Get in touch and let us know how much bandwidth you would like to have, and we can work out a price for you.

    • Do you provide private subnets?

      Yes, for both IPv4 and IPv6. All subnets are subject to full RIPE justification. Please get in touch and we can work out what subnets would be best for you.

    • Do you provide vLANs?

      Yes, servers can be attached to vLANs so traffic sent between servers is separate and secure from other traffic.

      We can provide you with a vLAN connection for an additional monthly fee to cover the costs of the port and network traffic, and will provide the additional NIC free of charge

    • Can I have cPanel on my server that is behind a firewall?

      Yes it isn't a problem and most control panels prefer a routed mode setup on the firewall.

      If you would like more information on this just get in touch and our team will assist.

    • How can I request more IP addresses?

      Additional IP addresses can be requested through MyServers. Choose the server on your account, and under the right hand side menu for 'Network' you can request additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

      Our teams will receive the request and process as normal, or get in touch to clarify the reasons for the extra addresses.

  • Management Services [2]

    • How does your management service work?

      We can provide a fully managed service for all customers, which involves a different support experience from our managed infrastructure services

      First, a member of our team would discuss your requirements with you to determine what level of management is required. The biggest problems surrounding a managed service is when the lines are blurred on responsibilities, so we avoid this by agreeing upfront exactly what the platform needs to do for you and where you will need our assistance.

      We then provide tailored logins to you if you still wanted to be able to administer basic changes - perhaps via a control panel, but the majority of changes would be performed by our teams in order to track the history of change management.

      If you'd like to discuss your management requirements in more detail then a member of our team would be more than happy to help

    • How much are management services?

      As with all tailored services, the costs will vary depending on how much management is required.

      Prices start from £150/month for a single server, which would include the configuration of a control panel such as cPanel or Plesk, managed backups for the control panel directories, and an hour of investigative diagnosis every month for troubleshooting issues not included in the management package.

      Multiple servers, virtual machines and clusters will vary in cost depending on the setup. It is most often cheaper on a per-machine basis to manage multiple VMs or physical servers.

  • Monitoring my devices & Checking hardware status [3]

    • Whose Responsibility is it to Monitor My Server?

      As a Managed Infrastructures Service provider, the main responsibility of monitoring the state of a dedicated server lies with the client who uses the device. Depending on the service support level you purchased with the device, however, we do put certain monitoring systems in place through MyServers, to monitor the status of specific serveries or pieces of hardware. You will be able to see these monitoring services on the IS page of the server, on MyServers, within the ‘Status’ section. In my example below you can see that this server has ping, SSH and switch port monitoring applied.

      If you do have a monitoring service applied and have either a ‘Proactive Alerting and Monitoring’ or ‘Premium’ SLA, then we shall also alert you to any MyServers monitoring service that becomes un-responsive for longer than a set period of time. For more details on this, please see our MyServers Monitoring tools section, of our FAQ. Due to the nature of hardware, we would strongly suggest that you regularly check the health of your server and its components, to check for any errors that may have occurred. How you go about this is up to you; with this being said, however, there are several monitoring tools we recommend that our customers use. Please read through our Monitoring My Device section of the FAQ for more information. If you have any more questions about monitoring your servers, please read through our FAQ section, or raise a ticket and we will be happy to help.

    • What monitoring tools do you recommend?

      As a hosting company, we see how frustrating it can be for our clients when a piece of hardware fails on a device, so we highly recommend that our client’s regularly monitor the health of their devices and check for any errors within their server’s hardware. There are several different third party tools available which are designed to help server administrators monitor and check the health of their devices; some of which we recommend our customers install and use.
      What monitoring tool is best for your server depends on the make and model of the server and the operating system it uses. Please see below for some examples of tools we would recommend that you use.
      Please note that these tools are developed by third parties and we can only advise you to use these tools; the choice to download, install and use these tools must be your own. As such, iomart and any company within the iomart group are not responsible for any harm that may come to your system as a result of downloading, installing and using these tools.

      If you do decide to use any of the above monitoring tools, they can help you check the health of your system and help identify any components that may need investigating or replacing. If they do alert you to any problems, please raise a support ticket using the information found in our FAQ and we will be happy to help.
      If you have any more questions about monitoring tools, please see our FAQ section. If this does not have the answer you are looking for, please raise a ticket and we will be happy to help.

    • Can I have MyServers monitoring setup for my devices?

      Our MyServers control panel has a built in monitoring system which can be used to monitor certain services.
      Depending on the service support level you purchased with the device, certain monitoring systems are automatically put in place on the IS page of the device, to monitor the status of specific serveries or pieces of hardware. You will be able to see these monitoring services on the IS page of the server, on MyServers, within the ‘Status’ section. In my example below you can see that this server has ping, SSH and switch port monitoring applied.

      If you wish for additional monitoring services to be added to an IS page of a device, you are able to add these monitoring services in the MyServers control panel by clicking on Health > Monitoring, on the IS page.

      You will now be on the monitoring page for this device. Here you will be able to see a list of the current monitoring services applied to this IS number. You can also add additional monitoring services by clicking on Add Monitored Service.

      Once you have pressed Add Monitored Service button you will be presented with a page where you can configure new monitoring services for this device. To do this, first select what type of monitoring service you wish to be added from the drop-down box. Depending on the monitoring service you select, you will then need to fill in other details relevant to the service you wish to be monitored. Examples include IP addresses, port numbers and URLs. Once you have filled in these relevant details, you can also add a custom message to the monitoring service. If you later decide to add SMS or email monitoring alerts to this device, this custom message will appear in the email/text if this monitoring service detects an error, which you can use to help you identify which monitoring service for which device has failed. Once you have filled in these details, press Add Monitored Service.

      The monitoring service will now be added. You will now be returned to the monitoring page were you will now be able to see the status of the service you just added, amongst the statuses of any other monitoring service already applied to IS page. Please note that any monitoring service just applied may take a couple of minutes to register the status as Ok. You can now add any other monitoring service you wish to add.
      You can also use this page to remove monitoring service that you no longer need.
      If you need help adding monitoring services to your device, or if you have any more questions about MyServers monitoring, please feel free to raise a ticket and a member of our support team will be happy to help.

  • Products & Services [19]

  • -- Backups [1]

    • Do you backup my server?

      We don't backup customers servers by default, but have a number of backup solutions you can choose from.

      We can provide offsite NAS space for you to store your backups, a fully automated cloud based backup service using EMC's Avamar technology, snapshot technology for virtual machine backups, or schedule managed image-based backups for virtual and physical servers.

      Please contact us with your requirements and we will assist with choosing the best backup solution.

  • -- Cloud Hosting [3]

    • Do you offer Cloud Hosting?

      We do. You can either use our dedicated servers to build your own Cloud (private cloud) or take a virtual machine on our platform (public cloud).

      You can even mix the two to create a Hybrid Cloud environment.

    • Do you offer shared storage?

      We do indeed! We have our own replicated SAN's on which we can provide you with space or you can take out your own SAN, which is more cost effective for larger storage requirements

      Please contact us to discuss what your storage requirements are.

    • What is your Cloud platform?

      We run multiple cloud platforms, based on multiple technologies (Xen, VMware, Hyper-V), using a variety of hardware.

      Our primary platform is a business-only platform that is built with no single points of failure. It uses the latest generation server technology, runs on the latest version of Enterprise Plus licensed VMware ESXi, and uses only high-end EMC SANs for storage

      Like anything, it's important to use the right tool for the job and a cloud platform is no different. Many customers try and compare Cloud providers with one another, but this is a mistake - all hosting providers 'clouds' are different, built at different times using different technologies, hardware, and features.

      If you wish to discuss cloud platforms further, please contact our sales team.

  • -- Customer Services [1]

    • What if I need help or speak to someone about an issue?

      We have a dedicated customer services team Monday to Friday to assist with all manner of enquiries, from upgrades and bolt-ons to service migrations and pre-sales assistance. Outside of weekly office hours and at weekends you can escalate any urgent enquiries to a member of the customer services team via our ticketing system.

      The customer services team are there to help, so please use them - our primary aim is your full satisfaction with our service. If we aren't aware of the issues we can't help to solve them!

  • -- Domains [3]

    • Can I transfer domains into/out of RapidSwitch?

      Yes, certainly. The transfer method depends on the type of domain, so is handled manually by a member of our team.

      Simply let us know what domain you wish to transfer to us and we will explain the relevant process.

      We do not charge for transferring domains out of RapidSwitch. Domains transferred in may incur a mandatory renewal on transfer, which is outside of our control and applicable to all registrars.

    • Do you offer DNS hosting?

      We can provide DNS-only hosting for customers with domains registered elsewhere for a fee, or customers can use our free DNS hosting service.

      Please note that our 100% uptime guarantee isn't applicable to our DNS hosting platform.

    • How do I renew my domain?

      All domain renewals can be carried out via the Myservers control panel. Unless you have chosen not to, you will receive a notice to say that the domain is going to expire and it’s up to you whether you would like to renew the domain or not.

      In some cases you can setup your domain to auto renew in the MyServers control panel. If for some reason this option isn’t available to you let us know which domain you are looking to renew and we can setup the domain to auto renew for you.

  • -- Post-Sales Questions [3]

    • How soon will my server be ready?

      More complex setups will come with an advised ETA but the majority of builds are ready within 24 hours.

    • How can I access my server?

      As soon as your server is built and the installation completed, full instructions will be sent to you via email and through our MyServers portal instructing you on how to access your server.

    • What are the cancellation terms?

      Our standard terms are 30 days' notice for cancellations unless bespoke terms have been agreed pre-sales or in a contract.

  • -- Servers [7]

    • I've seen the same server elsewhere for less, will you price match?

      We do have a UK price-match policy against any competitors with a comparable service level, subject to a review by our sales team.

      If you'd like us to price match a server simply contact us with the spec and supplier and we will take it from there. Due to the significant difference in operating costs in Europe, we cannot price match European suppliers.

    • How can I reduce the price of my service?

      There are two main ways to reduce the price of your service, both of which reduce the 'risk' to us and so result in pricing benefits.

      The first is to enter into a contract term for the service - usually between 12 and 36 months. The price reduction will increase as the contract term increases. The second is to pay an upfront setup fee to reduce the on-going monthly price of the server. The larger the setup fee, the lower the on-going monthly fee.

    • Can I pay a setup fee after ordering the server?

      It varies on a case by case basis, but it is usually possible to pay a setup fee, or 'additional contribution' in order to reduce the on-going monthly fee of the server.

      This often occurs when a trial project turns into a longer term investment, or perhaps if your client is trialing your own services before committing to a longer term agreement.

    • What's the difference between your Value / Plus / Premium range?

      Our Value range represents exceptional value for money from older generation machines, usually purchased in large quantities from suppliers when they become end of life. Up to 8GB of RAM and dual or quad core processors, they provide the performance from dedicated hardware when moving on from a VPS. Ideally suited for website hosting, application development, and small e-commerce sites.

      The Plus range represents high-performing, latest-generation hardware without moving into enterprise level grade attributes and features. Single processor systems with up to 32GB of RAM, SAS drive support and built-in lights out management cards these systems are our most popular as they offer performance and scalability without significant cost. Ideal for any application requiring additional resources and performance beyond the value range.

      Finally, the Premium range is the pinnacle of hardware choice. With enterprise-grade features such as flash-cache RAID cards and fiber-channel card support, these servers support up to 192GB of RAM, dual processors, redundant power supplies and up to 8 hard drives.

    • Can I get a different spec to the one on your website?

      Of course! It's not possible to list every configuration on our website so the most popular are shown, but if it's possible to build, we can build it. Simply contact us for a custom configuration.

    • Can I install my own operating system?

      Certainly - we can provide a KVMoIP session for you to do this should you wish to customise your initial installation.

    • Do you offer PCI-compliant hosting?

      Yes we do. PCI compliance can be an onerous undertaking to both research and implement, so if you are interested in finding out more simply contact a member of our team who will be happy to help.

  • -- SSL Certificates [1]

    • What SSL certificates do you offer?

      We have a huge range of SSL certificates from multiple providers that we can provide for domain, organisation, and extended validation certificates.

      Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide the relevant options and prices for you.

  • Support [5]

    • How can I get support?

      Support is available 24x7x365 via e-mail, our customer portal, and on the telephone. Simply e-mail or call if you need anything and we'd be happy to assist.

    • What support do you provide?

      Our standard support package includes a fully managed hardware package, which covers the replacement of any failed hardware provided to you; 24x7 monitoring with unlimited free e-mail and SMS alerts for ping, switch port and RAID/chassis (if available); and optional software upgrade and patch services.

      We have completely unmanaged SLA offerings and also fully managed offerings too.

      We can also provide installation and initial configuration services for more complex deployments if required.

      If you are interested in a fully-outsourced IT platform and service, with bespoke management options, we are also able to discuss these with you.

    • Do you charge for support?

      We will not charge for any support within our standard package.

      Any support requested outside of that will not be performed or charged for without prior consent.

      The relevant team will liaise with you on any work that may be required, compile a full schedule of work to be performed and an upfront quotation for it.

    • Do you have usage restrictions?

      No, we do not offer any 'unlimited' elements to our service that are then capped with fair usage policies or service restrictions.

    • Some hardware failed in my server, what shall I do?

      Hardware components on our dedicated servers are fully managed. This means we will happily replace any failed component for you, free of charge.

      Hardware failures can happen, and we know are very frustrating when they do. As a result of the impact they can have upon your service, we will liaise with you to try and select the option of least disruption to you.

      If you are looking to minimise downtime when architecting your solution, we can help with solutions in order to maximise the uptime and availability of the service and reduce the time to restore services in the event of a failure.

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